somebody is going to get dealt with but it won't be me

tony soprano is seriously going to f somebody up. he just can stop! he’s a hurricane of destruction. what if there was a hurricane of construction? how would that work? there would probably be a lot of warm wind that smelled like flowers in the spring time and it would be the color of blue smoke bomb smoke and after it passed over you your bike would be fixed! your room would be cleaned! you would be cured of all disease (even hidden ones, even future ones) and people that hate your guts would giggle instead of growl when they thought about whatever it was you said about their mothers and fathers! the best part would be the blue smoke though because after it was gone you’d still be this really great shade of blue for a week. or maybe you could pick your color. but most people would pick blue.

i’ve been wearing the same pants for eight days and i still don’t have to take them off. doesn’t that just make you want to make out with freedom? i’m going to put on my pants and go make out with freedom. there is also some delicious pizza i need to eat. other than that i can’t give you any details.