satan's fingers

i’ve been thinking (the past couple of days as my hope for humanity has slowly and predictably dwindled) (along with my spelling ability) that there may in fact be nothing left to write about. it will be sad if i continue doing the same stupid things for 80 more years but it may be enivitable. and maybe you don’t want to read about it. maybe i should get my mfa in journaling. this, i think, would save well meaning readers quite a bit of time. but, oh i can be honest i guess, it’s not half as much fun to complain to oneself. plus what if there was no way to immediatly publish poorly spelled, generally boring statments about the world after three pbrs. i would hate america then and since i love america, well, this is where i am.
i was pulled over by a policeman tonight on my bike. i ran a four way stop and he let me know that next time HE’D be the one sweeping up my bloody remains. i love order and i’m serious. it’s good to know that some one out there cares that i obey the laws even if it is just because he wants to impress the teenage ride alongs.
maybe if i shaved my armpits people would start loving me more. actually, i doubt that. jade hates my armpit hair but she loves me. maybe i’ll become a police woman. right now i’m going to bed. these are things we can discuss in the morning.