get me to a party

what is really terrible about food is that you have to keep buying it. like you eat a meal and you feel like you’ve really made an investment in your future, a future where you can concentrate and be friendly and not start crying during songs on a nice cd that your nice friend who you aren’t going to see for awhile made you. you feel okay that you just laid out 5 bucks or whatever because you are full and you’re a human and eating is something you apparently have to do. and then 5 hours later you realize, god damn, you are hungry again. and even some how clap your hands and say yeah! makes you tear up.

i don’t want to leave portland. i’m hungry. i just had a very completely strange week and my phone isn’t working that well. does this seem tragic to anyone else? it’s not tragic. i’m just a baby.

here’s somethings you should know:

1. i sort of miss some of the hair that was recently ripped out of my body.
2. my brother thinks patrick bateman pillow cases are a little creepy and not quite awesome.
3. chocolate mint condoms taste horrible.
4. i still think certain ex-student body presidents are extremely likely to marry blond women (and are extremely beautiful in really any light).
5. sometimes, especially right now when i am hungry and sad-ish, i get the urge to do really mean things to people just to prove that i am in control of everything and i can make other people just as sad as they can make me. i never act on these urges. at least not intentionally.
6. i don’t want any diamonds on my wedding ring.

i’m going to think about buying top ramen right now. it’s less of an investment; you always know you’re about to be hungry again pretty soon after you eat a bowl of top ramen.