that is 25 cents i didn't pay

so i finally am moved in to san francisco which is apparently a legitimate city where famous people live and things happen and a person can spend 20 minutes without seeing a white person unless they want to check out their new jean dress in a storefront window. living in a city like this means the probability that i will spend eternity hanging out in portland where i will eventually marry some one I didn’t even like in high school has severely dwindled. it is also less likely that i will become a regular at some pathetic bar like the space room. because all the bars here are unpathetic. which i actually don’t know because i haven’t been to any of them just yet but if the hip boys in tube socks are any indicator, these bars are going to be f ing awesome.

i’m sure this is what you are thinking: lizzy, you’ve been on your new street for 3 WHOLE DAYS now. what have you done? what is it like? well here are some things that are vaguely related to my time thus far in san francisco:

1. i drank coffee for pretty much the first time ever because a coffee shop a couple blocks away from where i live serves stumptown coffee and when they found out (i mean when i told them) that i just moved here from portland, they gave me some free coffee. it was terrible but i pretended like it tasted just like home.
2. my room is green with two big windows and very tall ceilings. tall enough even for my fight test sculpture. there are only occasionally crack heads smoking outside.
3. yesterday there was an earthquake but i didn’t feel it at all.
4. i’ve already seen three lc students so far and one of them was by accident.
5. yesterday i took the bart to some random location and then walked up a very humongous hill and ended up at grace cathedral without even meaning to.
6. another thing i did yesterday was let myself be dragged into the scientology headquarters where i watched a movie about the origins of dianetics. i tried to not watch the screen too closely so my brain couldn’t be scanned and luckily my brilliant little brother called me at the perfect moment so i could pretend like it was a family emergency that was pulling me away from the complimentary personality test but i learned a couple things: first, psychologists are evil and would rather perform lobotomies than talk to patients and second, all doctors want you to die in very painful ways. watch out is all i’m saying.

i’m sure there is more that i could tell you but i have plans today to ride my bike to castro in my new, strange, jean dress. also there is the small possibility that my mysterious second roommate will show up and i left my phone at home so i better get going. what if you are trying to call me? i hope youre trying to call me. i miss oregon and every one in it. see you in one million years. but i’ll write before that.