burn it down

here’s how i am happy:
yesterday morning i met my elusive second roommate. if he is a cia agent (he may be a cia agent) that would only make him even cooler. i doubt he is a cia agent. how could he possibly be cooler? some things he likes (as far as i can tell) are huge wind turbines, nano technology, the postal service, the internet, red wine, riding bikes, stocking caps, tacos and a 70’s children’s book called “borrowed black.” i like these things too! how lucky for me that we are now next door neighbors. my other roommate is pretty sweet as well. did your roommate ever play women’s pro tackle football? i didn’t think so.

today i spent the whole day in berkley, riding my bike all over until i found the water. i also ate a burrito, the remains of which exploded in my pack back onto my sweatshirt. but you know what? i don’t care. berkley is beautiful and the sun was warm and it’s kind of funny to ride a train home smelling like a burrito.

the weird mexican church across the street from me is having what can only be considered a rousing service. i wish i knew what they were saying. but i guess that isn’t really neccessary.

i saw little miss sunshine this evening and it was actually awesome. also i talked to a good girl scout friend on the phone. and last night i went out in my own neigborhood for the very first time and now i am tired and i think the service across the street is really heating up. maybe i’ll watch carnivale. maybe i’ll eat some food. good night anyway. i’ll talk to you later.


and i didn’t even mention that in two weeks one of the cooler future famous artists i know is going to teach me to surf and i’ll most likely be involved in a heroic shark attack/rescue. and the ramen i’m eating even tastes delicious. man. that’s all.