i loved you so much it was making me sick

yesterday i drove down south with my roommate and his friends for a nice saturday hike. i was pretty excited about the whole thing until the driver started talking about his love of climbing tall mountains and the girl sitting next to me began describing her recent nepal trekking expedition. i nervously wondered if my walks around san francisco had prepared me in anyway for the climb i was about to endure and if crying and begging to go home were exceptable behaviors among these seemingly hard-core people. i figured they weren’t.
luckily, everything turned out fantastically. we drove for a ways along the coastline and then pulled off the road by a farm. we walked from there (sea level) about what was allegedly 2000 ft to the top of a hill/mountain (people call the strangest things mountains) where in one direction you could see the ocean and in other you could see i guess daly city. if it hadn’t been foggy we could have seen san francisco. after the hike, which was long and in some places extremely steep but definately no mt. everest or even mt. hood maybe more a mary’s peak or maybe less, we drove back home for some pakastani food. pakastani food is really just indian food but i guess sounds hipper and since this is the bay area it is important to sound as hip as possible. i was almost run over by a car on the way to the food because i couldn’t stop staring at this old meth-ed out woman who was using her tongue to lap a continous stream of snot from her upper lip. luckily, my roommate pulled me back to the sidewalk just in time. seriously, it may have been the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen. i guess it wasn’t gross enough to die for though.
otherwise, i’m getting used to this place. for example, i saw a blank book today that had three pictures of koko the gorilla and her trainer penny on the cover and also snapped shut and i didn’t buy it. if i bought every cool thing i saw here, well, i wouldn’t be eating. or paying rent.
well, i hope things are good where you are. has anyone ever heard of lala berries? i maintain that they do not actually exist.