not the future yet

here are some things about recently:
1: my super cool friend is in town.
2: yesterday we skateboarded about one trillion miles, all of san francisco.
3: today we rode our bikes to SFMOMA.
4: i’ve decided that matthew barney is a con artist and that ceramic sculptures of michael jackson and bubbles are awesomer that mounds of what looks like whale blubber pretty much any time.
5: also, apparently you aren’t allowed to touch the art at SFMOMA even if it looks like it would feel really nice. there are people posted to make sure you follow this rule. follow this rule.
6: today also, my friend and i went to china town and ate dim sum and later bought plastic samuri swords. he’s taking a nap right now but later he will probably be slain.
7: also later, we are driving to santa cruz.

that’s it. that’s now. it’s almost the future.