here in tuff town

even though san francisco officially sucks now that the extremely radical vacation is over and p. is back far, far away, the interesting adventures haven’t quite abated. this morning i witnessed some sort of arrested right outside my front door over something that looked suspciously like drugs. sadly, there were no shoot outs or even loud yelling but then again it was early sunday morning and people here like to show a little respect for their neighbors and the lord.

a little bit later i almost scored myself a pretty nice skateboard for $5 from a six year old girl sitting in front of her house. it is only almost because i had to go get some cash and when i returned her tough gangster dad informed me that the price was actually $25 and he would give it to me for $20. since i only wanted it for $5, i went on my way, sort of sad that i hadn’t bought it immediatly but also sort of glad that i spared a cute little kid from an afternoon of yelling or worse punishment and a whole lot of sobbing. i’m such a humanitarian. actually, the guy probably wouldn’t have cared but i like to imagine sometimes that i am going around doing good works and giving joy or at least the absence of anguish, to the youth of america.

after my passive and imagined saintly act, the lord showed his approval (it’s sunday, after all) by having a man who was not on drugs, spoke english and wasn’t older than my dad, hit on me on the street. it was hot. okay, so the guy was probably 18 and his english wasn’t exactly stellar but god is busy and it would be just way too obvious if dave matthews was suddenly standing at 22nd and potrero. this is about faith my friends. as the lady in the mexican church was yelling, “gracias, jukumasomethingblahysomethingelse, gracias, hallelujah.” i think we can all agree to that.

in completely un-related news, it turns out that the goal keeper from my highschool soccer team lives like 4 blocks away from me. this is good news because i actually like her. we hung out a little yesterday for the first time since i was probably 16 and talked about how glad we are that we aren’t married. i sure am glad. aren’t you?

otherwise i’m keeping busy worrying that grad school is a huge mistake and thinking about a flee from education to some surfing paradise. i’m also preparing for the inevitable, which is that there is no way i am not going to school and that i’ll probably like it a lot, by applying for jobs, writing terrible poems and making even worse art. but can art be bad if it incorporates silver paint? you’re right. my art is amazing.