different names for the same thing

today! the list!

1. at safeway i read about 2 of cosmo’s “101 sex tips to try before you die” and realized that i have reverted to my romanticized teenage view of sex and that i might just give it up completely if it has to involve 101 sex tips to try before you die.
2. then a middle aged hippy dude in a “rock the vote” shirt registered me to vote so i could sign his petition about eminent domain. the whole time he made weird lewd comments about my breasts and the sexiness of my glasses and he actually asked if i had any irish in me and i of course said yes. this made me think it’s really too bad that nothing nice or mean or anyway that anybody ever says means anything at all. it made me want to communicate things to people, maybe through banners flying behind planes, i’m not sure.
3. i bought a bus pass for the month of september. before that bus pass is up, i will be 24 years old.
4. i found out an oldish secret today that i didn’t really need to know but i sort of went looking for anyway and now i will always know it and i think people should stop doing things that could turn into secrets and start being nicer and better people. or at least more honest.
5. tonight i am going to see dave eggers and sarah vowell and i am not getting any books signed because come on, i think 4 with 1 signed twice is over enough.
6. i haven’t taken a shower since the one i took for quarters at the campground in santa cruz which is gross i guess but just how i like to roll.
7. i CANNOT STOP LISTENING TO DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE. someone come over and turn it off because i can’t do it.
8. tomorrow is my first day of graduate school. what did you ever do with your life that’s so great?
9. i have a piece of cheesecake in the fridge and i think i might go eat it.