fish! stay in the ocean!

a couple things:
sfsu’s mascot is the alligator. does that seem a little bit outrageous to anyone else? no wonder they make fun of this school on party of five. come on.

after a recent bout of lifeguard sweatshirt sightings, i have decided to start designing sweatshirts that profess other sorts of certifications that the wearer will not have. one of my friends suggested “computer programer.” i’m also thinking “open-heart surgeon,” “ph d in linguistics,” “bomb de-activator,” “prison psychologist” and “helicopter pilot.” i can’t wait until someone actually needs a bomb de-activator and i’m there in my sweatshirt and they’re like, sweet, the world won’t end, we all AREN’T going to die, and i can be like, ha ha guys, i just wear this sweatshirt as a FASHION CHOICE. and then we will all die. what is the official symbol for bomb de-activator anyway?