stingray to the heart

i think i may have left a candle lit in my room when i left friday for sonoma. this is really too bad because part of my whole “being a grown-up” strategy involved avoiding infernos. especially the literal kind. luckily, i escaped without harming anything except for one huge $10 candle which barely exists anymore. but i’m not going to complain seeing as all my roommates are still alive and the mission district isn’t smoldering rubble and ash. i’m counting my blessings this time.

so i’m a little distressed by the death of the crocodile hunter. wasn’t his whole thing being alive? i mean when i hear about anybody dying, i’m sad but this death has more serious implications than just damn, another person doesn’t exist anymore. mainly: if steve irwin can be struck down by an animal, who is safe? he was THE CROCODILE HUNTER. he did all kinds of crazy stuff and never got one scratch. is the animal kingdom trying to send human kind a message? are they saying enough is enough, take steve irwin as a warning, stop f-ing with us? some guy DID get attacked by a great white shark not too long ago up in oregon. and everyone knows about timothy tredwell and his violent dismemberment courtesy of a hungry grizzly bear. things are getting ugly. watch out for the animals.

in other, less earth shattering news, i went to my uncle’s birthday party yesterday and also rode around on an electric bicycle. it was pretty nice in sonoma, i have to say. the sun is actually warm there which is a serious bonus. plus i got to hang out with some especially sweet family members, eat delicious food AND drink continiously from about 2pm until 1am. though after about 8pm the family was out of the picture and i was instead destroying two portland friends in a serious game of scrabble. you should know that it is folly to challenge me at scrabble regardless of the family function i have just attended. ask anyone. i ended up sleeping on my friends’ floor which was sort of strange because it meant calling my uncle’s house to say i was staying over because no one was ready to safely drive. now i know this is the responsible thing to do and nothing bad was going on (unless you think playing scrabble and drinking a little ginger ale and jack daniel’s is bad which is obviously your problem) but still i felt like a 15 year old who was about to be grounded. this was all me, i mean we weren’t even drunk, we just had had too much to drive and in the morning when i finally turned up at my uncle’s, no one was mad or even dissapointed with me. guilt is a strange thing. it attacks me unexpectedly. anyway, it turns out that even if you are with your family and even if you never get drunk, drinking for such a long period of time can still cause a hangover. i’m adding this information to my being a grown-up file. right after “don’t leave candles burning over the weekend” and “and stingrays can kill you” and “if ‘skort’ is not in the dictionary, it doesn’t count as a scrabble word.” so much learning all over the place; i can barely wait until tomorrow!

i hope everyone quit their jobs for labor day. there are only 23 more days until i turn 24. that’s all. i’ll think of something more interesting later.