searching for a sponsor for my daily $1.50 taco

i really hate money. i think that is because i don’t have enough of it. if you want to give me money and help me change my attitude, okay, i accept.

today in poetry class everyone read a couple of their poems. most people weren’t as terrible or as amazing as i figured they would be and after class i took the train home, a long ways out of my way, with two kids from the class. these are the kind of sacrifices 23 year olds have to make if they really want new friends. luckily i am almost 24 so this won’t be going on for too much longer.

currently i am on hold with i almost started swearing at the computerized operator a second ago. voice-activated telephone menus are a cruel invention. that $1.50 taco was really not enough food. i’m still quite hungry. food should be free. i’m sick of paying for it everytime. other things that should be free are: college, plane tickets, screen printing materials, really hip clothes and netflix. not tattoos though; tattoos should be outrageously expensive. so should babies, alcohol, cigarettes, firearms, true love and mcdonalds cheeseburgers. those are things you should really have to think about before you get involved with them. also you should have to pay a fine whenever you waste anyone else’s time. that fee would go directly to the person whose time you wasted. this would mean cheaptickets would be PAYING me to fly to oregon. all i want to do is tell them that my debit card is from portland, OR not portland, WA which is a place that doesn’t even exist. i’m going to be sad if my reservation is messed up but luckily i won’t be devastated. i’m over being devastated by things. that’s a high school thing or a college thing to be. this is graduate school. here we get slightly disappointed by things and then write an essay about something completely different, eat a taco, curse the president and then create some sort of abstract art piece that speaks to our vaguely unsatisfied feeling. at least i assume that’s what happens. i haven’t been disappointed yet.

okay. allegedly everything is okay with my plane ticket. though the operator didn’t speak what i would strictly call “english” so i guess she could have told me that my parents’ car was about to be repossessed but i don’t think that was the conclusion we reached. another vague art piece averted. that’s probably better. i’m not into vague.