hell boy

for some reason when i put in an ‘h’ in the subject line, my computer filled it in with ‘hell boy.’ awesome.

i was planning on writing last night about my first fiction workshop in which i was instantly pegged as ‘obnoxious loud girl’ until i remembered that in the usa sometimes you have to not be too confident if you want boys, girls and teachers to like you and back-tracked into ‘awkward funny girl.’ the story i was going to tell you was funny-ish and involved me mixing up steven soderbergh and david cronenberg and then later telling a girl in class she should name one of her characters ‘sam’ which is really only funny with the entire set up which is too long and boring to include but did involve the word ‘ethiopian.’ but then i got home and it was like 10:30pm and i decided to write a story story for my class instead of writing a story about my class. which i did. my story story is about the time i almost got shot in south africa only i wrote it in the second person and ended it with getting shot in the face which i kind of like because every time anyone reads it, they die. it could be the start of a new genre called “reader killing.”

i got a job today as an assistant in the poetry center. it should be cool but don’t worry, i still need your money.

i need to have ten minutes of poetry by me on tuesday. this is going to be a rough weekend. i wonder if haiku is an acceptable form. i think i better watch ‘lost’ before i write any poetry though. i need some inspiration.