the birthday of a future rockstar or possibly messiah (his sisters may get to it first)

it’s friday night and i just realized that i was sitting in front of the tv with a glass of wine watching “nanny 911” and then flipping between “celebrity duets,” “fashion rocks,” and an abc special on conjoined twins. when a girl connected to her sister by BRAIN TISSUE AND SKULL said that she believed in god and that in heaven she and her sister would be separated and she would be “whole” it occured to me that my evening was getting a litle out of hand. especially since abc’s thesis seemed to be that conjoined-ness (or whatever you call it) is special and not a disease at all. maybe i should get some friends.

in other news my cousin had her FOURTH baby today and it is finally a boy and i can just imagine how beautiful and smart he is planning on being. i guess of all the people to have kids, i’m glad it is her because those are some high quality genes she is distributing.

well, back to those conjoined twins. there is still a lot i have to learn.