fireman-flavored popsicles

yesterday i tried out a new plan which involved sitting on the couch and watching tv all day. it turned out not to work so well. by evening i had decided that everything i’ve ever written is disgusting and stupid and that if i didn’t get married, like SOON, i was going to be alone and bored forever. by the time i saw an interview with zach braff about how he had some say in the soundtrack of the new lame movie he is using his hipster ethos to sell, well, you read what i wrote yesterday. i stand by what i said but also, i wasn’t very happy.

today i tried a new-new life tactic: leaving my apartment. i went downtown and watched “the illusionist” and justified buying myself popcorn because before 11 the price of a ticket is only $6. which is still gross. but the movie was extremely satisfying and i think most people would agree with me on this one. edward norton and paul giamatti were their usual fantastically awesome selves, especially edward norton who should probably have recieved a “best actor ever” award for “american history x.” but that’s a whole other thing. also, jessica biel, who i expected to suck, didn’t suck. she wasn’t even a little bit irritating and even though she was in that terrible show about the christians and also she and edward norton were supposed to be the same age (he’s like 13 years older than her, i just checked), i kind of like her.

after the movie i decided to test out the cable cars since my bus pass allows me on them as much as i want which is a really good deal seeing as ONE WAY on the cable car is $5 and my bus pass was $45 for the whole month. I took three rides up and down the hills and decided san francisco’s public transportation people need to take a math class but i’m not going to be the one to tell them. after one trip i ended up at fisherman’s wharf where i swore i would never return. but since i was there already, i walked up to ghirardelli square where there was some chocolate festival happening where they were charging people $10 for 6 tiny samples of chocolate. now, i’m not completely sure of the definition of “sample,” but to me it has always implied “free” and i wasn’t about to support an organization that thinks it can change the meanings of important words like that so instead i went and had lunch at in and out which was pretty delicious not falsely named. after that i renewed my oath to never come back to fisherman’s wharf and took the cable car up to grace cathedral and then down to somewhere, i’m not sure where exactly. then i didn’t feel like going home so a spent about an hour getting on and off of various forms of public transportation going in directions i was unsure of. finally i came home. i have decided that if i am not doing work, leaving the house is much safer for my emotional state than sitting at home.

oh. when i was out today i saw a city bus with a reader board sign on the front (the one that says the bus direction and number) which read, “nowhere in particular.” i think muni may be run by 12 year olds. i don’t mind though.

tomorrow i am starting my new job and also investing in nyfd action figures. i figure my 12 cents will be three trillion dollars by tuesday.