the things you do for love are going to come back to you one by one

today was my first day of work. there is something comforting about office work and older versions of filemaker pro. i ran into an old harding hornet on my way to learn about the copy machine (which is a nice copy machine, by the way). i need to transfer her number from my hand to something more permanent. there is constantly mariachi music playing around here. it isn’t that cute anymore. it’s practically impossible to write poems with mariachi music in your ears. actually, i’m discovering that it’s practically impossible to write poems ever. last night i wrote a poem about the oregon trail computer game in which my entire wagon was struck down by everything from dysentary to gangrene to drowning. i tried to download the trial version of the game so my poem would be factually correct but for some reason it won’t work. which makes me a little sad because it would be a much better poem if i didn’t have to make educated guesses about the best method to cross the green river and whether or not we could make it to fort laramie by fourth of july. oh well. semi-historically accurate poetry murder is pretty entertaining. damn. i need to write more poems immediatly for my class tomorrow. i think 10 minutes of poetry is a little much. ESPECIALLY my poetry. luckily for my class i have withdrawn my poem called “patrick bateman” from the stack i was planning to read. “serial killer” is still in there though and “another thing i killed” parts 1 and 2. maybe my teacher will report me to the police. or maybe he will be astounded by “food” or more likely “finding a direct & practicable water communication across the continent for the purpose of commerce.” i’ve found poems are usually more respectable when they quote thomas jefferson in the title.

well. i’m really tired now. i have to get up early tomorrow to draw pictures of things with charcoal. we sure do a lot of drawing in my PRINT MAKING class. oh well again. goodnight.