me! with a friend!

today i made a friend! or more accurately impressed a friend into my service! here is how it worked: this guy was in my poetry class and then showed up in my fiction class so he sat next to me where i discovered he is the new intern at the poetry center. where I WORK! so we will probably see each other about every day so it would have been pretty awkward if he had said “no” when i said “do you want to hang out with me and be my friend?” so he said “yes” AND THEN HE GAVE ME A RIDE HOME IN HIS JEEP! yes, you naysayers out there might point out that i have been known to immediatly decide i love someone when i probably should withhold judgement for a few days but come on. the guy drove me home! just like it was high school, not grad school, and we were neighbors, not people living in neighboring cities. there is no way we won’t be friends now.

one thing that might be a problem is he knows my last name. my enthusiasm might be a little disturbing to him if he looks me up on myspace. oh well. if we are going to be friends he might as well know that i have developed an addiction to describing details of my life for my friends and family over the internet.

well, it’s almost time for the daily show and i am sure there is quite a bit of news i need to catch up on. i hope it is sunny where you are because it sure isn’t here.