i’m still sick. yesterday i drank four packets of emergen-c. today i have to go to work. i haven’t been sick in almost two years. or that’s what i feel like anyway. here are my symptoms:
hating san francisco
runny nose
inability to wash dishes
anger at the universe
hyper-emotional behavior

i used to like being sick. it still isn’t the worst thing that could happen but it is a lot more fun when some one cares you are sick and you stay home from school and then they come over at lunch with chicken soup. i guess that only happened a few times and it was high school and later i was so mean to the boy who brought the soup that god put a hex on me and pronounced that i would never get a chance to be such a jerk again and i would feel just had how bad it felt for all of eternity. which seems a little vindictive but i guess that’s god for you.

i need more emergen-c. maybe if i blow my nose one thousand times at work today my boss will be like, “that doesn’t sound too good lizzy, maybe you should go home.”

i think i’m going to eat chicken soup for breakfast.