right now i am at work but work is over. i’m just waiting around because i have a class in an hour and a half and it’s in this building so there is no point in leaving really. so far i have:
1. eaten the second half of a carne asada burrito i bought at about 11:15 this morning
2. finished commenting on one story for my class tonight
3. wandered up and down the stairs
4. eaten all the gorilla munch i brought for a snack
5. gone to the bathroom
6. blown my nose
7. turned off the computer
8. turned it on
9. tried to comment on the second story but then remembered how little i like reading about hip people in la

i’m sorry if reading this is making YOU bored too but at least you can stop at any time. i’m stuck here for, well, now only an hour and 20 minutes.

tomorrow after school i am getting on a plane and flying to eastern oregon where i will be until monday. i have been promised a really fantastic time including skateboarding and something involving ammo. i’m just now trying to think of my last extended stay over the mountains and all i keep coming up with are various trips to the cabin in sisters which are not exactly positive memories. i guess some of them are okay to think about but most of them give me that shudder-y feeling of remembering things i forgot i was trying to forget. and calling my parents from the new year’s eve party to explain to them that everyone was drunk and acting crazy and i needed to drive home over the mountains in the middle of the night (as an 18 year old) (while all of my friends’ parents were drinking champagne with my parents) (and people were chasing my truck down the driveway) is not even the worst of the shudder-y memories.

but this time is going to be WAY different because i am an adult now and i am so over giving in to the darkness. plus i don’t have a car anymore. and it isn’t new year’s eve. and all those panic-attack inducing graduates of chs classes 2001 and 2002 will be far, far away having babies and getting married in portland and corvallis.

man. this reminds me: let’s never talk about the cabin again, okay? it’s even worse than reading about la.

barring a plane crash or an accident with a fire arm, this all will be continued on monday.