this is going to be quick. i’m working on a sun print and it needs watching.

central oregon smells better than where you are. i pretty much know for a fact.

these things were ripped from my hands last night by the government:
body shop vitamin e moisturizer
concealer bought 2 years ago at fred meyer
seven blades for my olfa knife
a small container of hand lotion
a tube of toothpaste (nearly full)

government, this part is for you:I DEMAND REPARATIONS! so you can send me $20 to cover the cost of replacing these important items and then you can send me 10 free plane tickets for pain and suffering. otherwise my anger might overpower me. i don’t want to be tempted to join up with the terrorists for real. do you want me to be tempted? i’ve already tried to sneak toothpaste into a secure location. who knows what else i am capable of.