leaving tuff town like a little baby girl with a bonnet and a lollipop

so. i’m back in the city now. i’m already missing the rocks and lichens.

for some reason (i would guess a mixture of emo music, turning 24 and the prospect of california), i cried pretty much the whole way from seattle to san francisco. i think the flight attendant thought someone important to me had died because she asked me first if this was a “hard plane ride,” and then if i had “family meeting me at the airport.” if you know me, you know this made me cry harder. she was trying so hard to be nice! and she thought i had a legitimate reason to be sad not just the fact that i really love oregon and calling peter a little girl and i’m never going to see any of my friends ever again and i don’t want going to a strip club to be my main birthday celebration and i am always poor and there are people dying for really stupid reasons but i still get to be alive. but luckily she didn’t actually want to know these things and gave up on me after giving me a glass of orange juice and what she called a “party mix” of some sort of crackers so i could cry in peace and just freak out the elderly couple sitting next to me instead of the entire plane. i wish i could say that i thought my crying days were over but that would just be a lie. the last time i cried was when the government stole my moisturizer and that was thursday. so. if you were in my high school english class the day i sobbed over ophelia’s death (seriously? i couldn’t have picked someone more original?) and you figured i was just working through some teenage angst, you were sadly sadly wrong. i’m almost old enough to rent a car but i still cry in public.


otherwise i had 5 pieces of mail waiting for me when i got home, all of which were fantastic, and my friend laura is giving me a ticket to go see medeski martin and wood tomorrow after school so obviously my fickle heart is feeling less broken at the moment.

it’s warm here which is pretty insane.

does anyone else thinks it’s strange that the girls on “lost” don’t have hairy legs or armpits? is this part of the island magic? does it have something to do with polar bears?