injury (personal)

this morning i woke up too early.

in my printmaking class i sliced open my left pinky with a u-gauge while the teacher was talking and i wasn’t even supposed to be cutting anything. it bled for 45 minutes.

in shakespeare i fell asleep out of habit which i convinced myself was okay with an internal monologue about my superior knowledge of puritanism and predestination.

i was a half an hour early to poetry. while i was sitting outside the room a girl i barely know sat down and asked if i wanted to go get a beer before class. i couldn’t think of any compelling arguments for or against so i went with her to the on-campus bar where we each drank a $2.50 foster’s in 10 minutes and then ran back to class. the beer gave me enough of a buzz to poke the kid next to me and pretend like i was in love with his jaw line and baseball hat. i announced to the class that it is my birthday tomorrow. 5 minutes later the buzz wore off and i fell out of love with the baseball hat.

i left class early so i could get back to the mission and pay my rent before i go to see medeski martin and wood tonight. the muni was full of old asian people and it was san francisco sweaty.

i crashed my skateboard in front of my house and scraped up my knee.

i paid my rent and took a shower.

now i am naked and i am writing this.

tomorrow i will be 24 years old.