soda-fueled hate edge

i just got back from the post office and lying underneath the mail slot was a magazine for my roommate called “fonts.” my favorite so far is ‘soda-fueled hate edge’ but i’m not very far into it. for $85 i could buy the latino! collection. but what i really want is the $160 bad neighborhood kit. it comes with 3 clip art guns and clip art of a car stereo face. stolen, i’m assuming. where are we these days on the ethical debate about stealing roommates magazines and cutting them up for book altering projects? i’ll have to look into that.

all day yesterday, all i wanted to do was wear my miami dolphins hat. i left shakespeare early so i could talk to the book arts teacher early (who i am in the process of wooing with my indesign skills and my appreciation of the beauty of the written word) so i could get off of campus and get home to my miami dolphins hat. when i got home i put it on my head and i haven’t taken it off since. i slept in it even and i NEVER sleep in hats. it’s just that it’s so warm and teal and orange. wearing my miami dolphins hat is like being in a cocoon of love and acceptance all the time.

i have nothing to do today that won’t be more fun to do tomorrow. maybe i’ll go find an art store and replace my knife blades that the government stole from me. maybe i’ll just find the federal building and start picketing for reparations. i wonder if there is a font for picket signs. you should see this magazine. i’m sure there is.