friend of friends

it’s finally raining in san fransisco. i feel good about this seeing as i’ve been living in a perpetual rain cloud for 2 months. being wet is always better than being sweaty.

is that dirty? does that even work as dirty? i don’t know. it’s been postulated that i am bad at sex. this makes it difficult for me to understand my own double entendres.

i extorted a ride home from a different boy in my fiction class tonight. i’ve already mentally married and had children and grown old with all the boys in my class. so far the ride boy and i have the happiest future. so far. i figure by next week the whole thing will end in a shoot-out in a trailer park somewhere in nebraska.

i’ve been signing up for things at the tables they have in the quad on campus lately. yesterday i signed up to fast for lebanon through the muslim students organization. i think i did it because they were giving away free candy. now i am not sure if i really have to fast tomorrow or what. these ethical problems keep attacking me in the middle of the night. i’m already hungry just thinking about it. things are going from bad to worse.

when my bank account stops laughing at me with my last $10, i am going to buy these things: blades for my olfa knife, packaging tape for one thousand tape transfers, some moisturizer, maybe (a big maybe) some face wash, white glue.

i am also going to do my laundry.

i am also going to eat a delicious cheeseburger.

now i am going to go to bed. if i can get through printmaking and shakespeare tomorrow, it will be the weekend. awesome. another 72 hours filled with nothing times nothing to the power of nothing.

someday i am going to live next door to you. and we will draw pictures of our faces and eat macaroni and cheese pretty much everyday.