the duke of dark corners

i haven’t seen a slug in over two months. not even a half or whole dead one. i guess slugs don’t dig the san francisco attitude.

so i decided to fast for lebanon. i’m also doing it to impeach the president and as a protest against the cost of higher education and judicial activism and our country’s lack of a universal health care system.

besides feeling dizzy, i feel unbelievably self-righteous right about now.

which is all going to change when i break my fast with a macdonald’s $1 bacon cheeseburger. i won’t feel dizzy and my self-righteousness will morph into soul-paralyzing guilt. we are reading measure for measure in shakespeare and if you know the play, you will know that my feeling guilty will just be like doing homework.

fasting is good for shakespeare class. and printmaking. today i finished my project in printmaking like a champion printer and even tested out a collage technique the teacher only demonstrated for fun. and then i stayed awake through ALL of shakespeare and made at least three brilliant comments about shame, guilt and congressman foley. that last paragraph was foreshadowing for this paragraph.

it’s becoming obvious that i should eat before i write. however, i never let obvious stop me.

besides being the sort of humanitarian who fasts for social justice, i’ve recently been doing a whole lot of good in this world. for example, just last weekend i gave one of my favorite people ever some news that has sent him on a dark spiral of anger and self-loathing straight into a gutter with a needle hanging out of his arm. awesome. i bet you want to be my friend now too!

i think one of the problems with real life is that sometimes doing the right thing makes you feel only slightly less terrible than doing the wrong thing. for example, i still feel decidedly un-good about cutting off communications with the borderline abusive alcoholic i spent most of last year with. i’m not dead. i’m not even hungover. it’s possible though that i am a complete jerk.

i’m hungry.

it’s fleet week. there are fighter jets dive-bombing my neighborhood. i’m either going to watch lost or eat a cheeseburger. the truth is, i’m just not that great of a person.