i hope you can't digest it

last night i worked at an amazing poetry reading by an old palestinian guy named taha mohammad ali and his translator. his poems seriously blew my mind but in the middle of the reading, my phone started vibrating like a crazy person and i could hear it on the floor. it turned out to be my roommates who were calling me over and over again. i figured something bad might have happened so i left the reading and called back. apparently, while i was gone, my roommates (both in their 30’s) got into a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION over energy use and global warming. why they called me instead of the police is unclear. why people in their 30’s are solving problems through pushing is unclear. what is clear is that my male roommate will be leaving. IN DECEMBER. it’s called the long-term kick-out. i don’t even know anymore.

i missed the last two poems, which made me angry. and then i had to go home which i didn’t want to do. i pretty much haven’t been drinking at all lately but seeing as this week was finally over (school-wise, for me) and i’m pretty sure it has been one of the more f-ed up weeks ever, and because my roommate was offering and i didn’t want to talk to either of my roommates while i was sober if possible, i started drinking red wine around 9:15. by the daily show, i was pretty loopy. if you received a call or email from around 11pm, i apologize. the wine made me want to communicate i guess. before i went to sleep, i told all my secrets to my roommate who is proving that environmental activism and pacifism are two completely different things.

now i am awake again and disappointed in myself for getting drunk last night. i was feeling so grown-up lately. not that grown-ups don’t get drunk but i don’t know. whatever, i’m not really hungover. i am glad that i broke my fast with a massive torta and a cup of lentil soup (at 4:30 i was too hungry to even make it to macdonalds). i don’t even want to think of what i might have told my boy roommate without that in my stomach.

i wish everyone would stop acting like children. but i wish that especially for me.