jet planes+donuts=freedom from the redcoats

yesterday evening i went to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival, a free music festival in golden gate park. there were what appeared to be 1 million people there and they were all walking around with the beers they brought from home. because the festival is byob. i got to the park just in time to see gillian welsh which was awesome even though she looked like a little polly pocket doll on the stage. before she finished her set she brought on emmy lou harris and they sang that “didn’t leave nobody but the baby” song from o brother where art thou. that was also awesome. after gillian’s set i met up with my friend laura and her friends and hung out with them and ate some of their hamburgers. after awhile though i decided i was having a mild attack of social anxiety and i left for home. except instead of taking muni towards the mission or at least downtown, i decided to take it to the beach. when i got to the beach i realized that it was way too dark to go check it out by myself. so i waited until today. guess what i did today?

i went to the beach.

it was like probably the nicest day of the entire year today. i saw at least 30 surfers and decided that i need to start surfing for real as soon as possible. though the waves at ocean beach are INSANELY big and would probably kill me. but i’m now trying to come up with a plan that involves money, sunshine and surfing for next summer. if you want to get in on this plan, let me know. maybe we can sell t-shirts to tourists in san diego or something. do they have tourists there?

anyway, i spent a couple hours walking down the beach until the fog remembered where it was supposed to be and then i headed home. when i got back to the mission it was still sunny AND warm. a lot warmer than august, specifically. and thankfully the jet planes were still dive bombing the neighborhood, making the babies cry and the less-ignorant adults feel safe from terror. i stopped by my favorite donut shop in the world on my way home because the beach walk made me hungry. it is my favorite donut shop because you can get a donut for $.60 and then they also give you donut holes. it’s amazing enough that there is a food that costs less than a dollar but today they gave me 5 donut holes. that is enough food to make me puke practically. and it was less than a dollar! i love america. even if the donut store isn’t exactly owned by people who speak english.

now i am tired. in about an hour i am going to a poetry reading with a girl from my fiction class. all i do is go to poetry readings and poetry class and write poetry about riding the bus to poetry readings and poetry class. i don’t even really like poetry. oh well.