my blurry eyes part 1

this is a mixture of a new shirt design i am thinking of and text from a shirt that i think my cousin should make for her husband’s business. i’m trying to figure out if it makes any sense.

today i did two things i’ve been meaning to do for weeks: i went swimming at the sfsu pool and i bought and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the “cafe” (more like dispensary of airplane-esque food) outside the humanities building. both things turned out well for me except my eyes still hurt from the ghetto chemicals in the pool. oh well. they toasted the bread on the sandwich. i was glad to learn that i am too fast at swimming for the “slow” lane. i know that isn’t a huge victory seeing as i’ve been swimming for a really long time now but still, let me have this one. it’s kind of like when i make insightful comments in shakespeare about a play i studied three years ago. so? they are still insightful comments. for all the guys in the row behind me know, i’m a freshman who didn’t even know who shakespeare was when i signed up for the class. well, i think they are all juniors and seniors in my class but still, you get what i mean.

for some reason just last night i finally started listening to the shout out louds and now i can’t stop. i think i saw them live last year and i know i’ve had their album on my computer for months and months. i’m a little worried about my reaction time. i guess my brain is just blocking me from hipness. which i guess i respect. there is something to be said for always being a little bit out of style. i’m not sure what but i think there is something.