my blurry eyes part 2

[this picture is a little enhanced. i wanted you to SEE how bad my eye hurts. it’s called art, okay?]

today the first floor of the humanities building flooded again so my shakespeare class was cancelled.

i went to talk to the financial aid people about a loan that i was supposed to get about a month ago and which has yet to be processed by the school and a counselor told me, “oh, maybe we missed it. sometimes we miss things that come in on the computer.” then she yelled at me about direct deposit for awhile.

after that i decided to go swimming. i tried to close my eyes because i am out of goggles and yesterday the chlorine really bothered my eyes. or i thought really. because today it appears the pool staff let the on-campus preschool play “pool maintenance” and throw in all the pool chemicals in stock and then some of the gardeners’ chemicals too. i got out of the pool almost six hours ago and i still can’t see. also my eyes are stinging (even after 2 showers) and my nose is suspiciously runny. it kind of reminds me of back when i was teaching swimming lessons and one day my entire body started itching and i asked the pool manager about it and he said, “oh yah, that’s just the new chemicals we switched over to.”

i really like swimming but i don’t like feeling like a cow being dipped for foot and mouth disease.

i’m thinking of making a screen that says, “the community college of graduate schools” and printing it on many many sfsu tshirts and then only stopping when the school stops buildings from flooding, reduces the price of making copies to $.03 per sheet and changes the pool over to salt water. i think these are reasonable demands. if not all those things i am also willing to just settle for my loan.

also i am thinking of eating indian food out of a box for dinner.

also don’t you want a tshirt?