why the pump doesn't work

i went to work today and made about 200 individual copies from different poetry books.

i received two emails and one was from me.

i realized that my paycheck is almost gone because back when i got paid i figured my loan was about to go through and therefore made the deadly mistake of buying art supplies, food and a new toothbrush. according to the financial aid office i should be glad if my loan goes through before december.

my boss left early and i finished my xerox-mania project. i had some left over xerox mistakes. well, mistake-ishs of covers of books i liked and i figured, heck this is an office, and looked and found some packaging tape. then i made-up and then typed-up some poems on the office typewriter and made tape transfers (with the tape and a styrofoam cup of water) out of the copies and the poems. then i taped them to index cards.

this took about a half an hour and was the highlight of my day.