cookie man: pro-life?

[more mission district emo street art]

[cry! come on! the girls love it!]

recently my roommate (the global warming destroyer) has been telling me that the tv i watch is poisoning my brain. specifically he is opposed to law and order and the sick and awesome mtv dating show parental control. this is what he likes to say to me: “how can you let such horrible things into your brain? once you let things like that in, you can never get them out. it’s like porn.” to which i of course reply, “oh, you never watch porn?”

which makes him uncomfortable.

last time we had this conversation i really wanted to ask him if he wanted to make out with samuel johnson or something. but then i realized i would have to then enter into a complicated explanation of samuel johnson’s idea that bad thoughts lead to bad deeds and that my roommate probably doesn’t know who samuel johnson is and that actually i hate samuel johnson and i don’t want to talk about him at all.

(this reminds me of the first day of my senior seminar on boswell and johnson when the teacher asked us what we wanted to get out of the class and one girl said, “i hope to have something i can discuss intelligently at cocktail parties.” i’m not sure if that has anything to do with anything.)

anyway, instead of bringing up johnson i said,”well, i think i am intelligent enough to know the difference between television and reality.”

“but those images of rape and murder will just stay in your mind!” he said.

“i guess,” i said, “but it isn’t like i don’t know about rape and murder. i’ve been reading books out of the adult section of the library since i was in third grade and i haven’t raped or murdered anyone yet.”

then he asked (remember, he is in his mid-30s): “don’t they give you nightmares?”

all i could say was, “no, they do not give me nightmares.”

i didn’t say, “the spectre of being 35 and watching cspan all day and freaking out over sponges not being all the way squeezed out and living in a place like this is what gives me nightmares,” because that’s mean. if i was rich or cared i would buy my roommate a copy of samuel johnson’s essays. but i’m not and i don’t. oh well.

on a completely different note: last night i watched noah baumbach’s first movie kicking and screaming. i saw this movie when i was in 8th grade i think because that is when all we did was rent random movies at hollywood video downtown right next to macdonalds and then take them back to the cuniffs’ house where meghann and katie would show jade and me the lollipops they’d stolen and we’d all watch movies we only vaguely understood and harass the cuniffs’ older brothers and try not to get too much pet hair on our clothes. 8th grade was generally a very unsatisfying year.

but anyway, i remember this movie mainly because of the eric stoltz character who is in his 10th year of college and is just going to be a college student for the rest of his life. i guess he had a profound impact on me as a 13 year old because when i saw the rules of attraction i was so excited about how perfect it was that eric stoltz was the professor hanging out with/having sex with students and basically still acting like he was a student but i couldn’t remember why.

that doesn’t matter. what matters is kicking and screaming is a good movie. i watched some of the special features (made this year because they just put it in the criterion collection) and i think noah baumbach, while a really great writer and director, should shut up. i’m not sure any artist should be allowed to talk about their art. but noah baumbach really wants kicking and screaming to be much much more important than it actually is. i mean, i LIKE the movie, no question, but he keeps talking about how he was disappointed when it was marketed as a “generation x” movie and how it is “something more” than that. and he can feel that way but the truth is the movie is about a group of upper middle class white kids after college graduation in the early ’90s. it was filmed at vassar. and sure, i get it but is that because i am an upper middle class white kid who just graduated from college and who was in elementary and middle school when everyone was so excited about generation x? i still love reality bites for example so i’m not sure.

watch the movie though. there is a monologue at the end at the airport which redeems any commentary noah baumbach might have given. i usually hate airport scenes. i loved this one.

other news:

it’s still “indian summer” here meaning it’s sunny and warm unlike san francisco’s actually summer weather.

today i have eaten 2 carrots already. vegetables are very very cheap.

tonight i am going to a poetry reading. doesn’t that blow your mind?