no one likes san francisco

[here’s a picture of a portentous trip to san francisco a few years ago. we hated each other on this trip. i should have realized this was california’s hate vibe and not our interpersonal dynamics.]

today i went and saw the disappointing marie antoinette. i rode my bike and i went to the 11 am showing so i could get the ultra-cheap price ($6, real cheap).

first, the movie is very nice looking but completely lacking substance. sophia coppola seems to have spent too much time finding the right shade of blue for the bedroom curtains and the right lace for kirsten dunst’s 32nd evening dress to remember to come up with a point for her movie. which is too bad. i was hoping lost in translation wasn’t an anomaly. because the virgin suicides was decent (not as good as the book but pretty and sort of satisfying) and i was ready to get behind sophia. but it looks like she really is too pretty to be good for anything.

i still love jason schwartzman though.

after the movie i came outside and discovered that some especially nice person had stolen BOTH of the wheels off my bike. this reminded me that i am currently vehemently anti-san francisco. here is a list of reasons why:

1. indian summer. i waxed my legs in AUGUST and i can’t just be doing that every time the sun decides to completely disobey rules of engagement with the earth. also every single pair of sandals i own is currently in sonoma. and my bike is out of wheels. and i hate crowds of people and crowds of people are every where during indian summer doing really unhelpful things like allowing thieves to steal my bike wheels.
2. everything is way way way too expensive.
3. people are generally both mean and strangely stupid.
4. there is no place to make copies for less than 8 cents.
5. i know approximately 3 people and i feel comfortable hanging out with about 1.3 of them.
6. i miss portland which i’m sure would be nice this time of year without a parasitic alcoholic destroying my life.
7. my shakespeare t.a. is obsessed with shakespearian insults and refuses to talk about anything else.

okay enough of the bad attitude. i’m sure i’ll be over it before long. now i am going to walk to the video store to rent henry v and then i am going to watch it in my room and sew dead stuffed animals to sell for one billion dollars.

if you want a dead stuffed animal, they are on sale for one billion dollars.