it turns out that i am a jerk

[this is me and my brother on the max awhile ago. right now i miss the max AND my brother.]

today in fiction class one of the stories (the story that wasn’t mine) was about rafting down the rogue river. it was actually pretty good but i couldn’t help myself: i went online and called my dad and started disputing every oregon-y detail of the whole thing. when i got to class and brought up the existence of the siskiyous and realized the girl didn’t really know that much about oregon at all, i really went for it. some of my stupider quotes: “i need to know what time of year this is happening,” “if the guy is paralyzed, he should really be wearing a life jacket all the time,” “sometime rapids are more dangerous when there is LESS water.” that last one i can’t even verify the truth of. sometimes when people are buying it that you know what you are talking about, it is best to take it the whole way. i am not a very nice girl.

my story received some really first rate comments too though. (in case you aren’t as devoted a reader as you should be it’s called “the bee-eyed girl: a sci-fi erotica choose-your-own-adventure” and it’s about a girl who basically can only see things in gray except for her true love, the flower-faced boy.) among the highlights: “wait, is she color blind?” “if they are aliens why do they have sex like people?” and “i think you should bring more color into the story.”


has anyone else noticed how crackheads are always wearing slippers?

now i should go to bed.