fuzzy things are everywhere

remember how i was saying yesterday i really like my family? well, they are pretty much always awesome but today they were especially mind-blowingly cool. my cousin sent me four spectacular birthday present things in one regular-sized envelope: one thing included a camel drawn by one of her (very intelligent) children (or someone’s child or an adult–it wasn’t signed so i shouldn’t make assumptions), one included a nasty message to any would-be mail thieves and TWO are going to help me not starve and not turn orange from too much carrot eating either. AND THEN ON THE VERY SAME DAY my grandma sent me a check. for no reason just because she wanted to. these are the people i am related to. i feel sorrier and sorrier for people in other families everyday.

i decided to put some of my new-found wealth towards my on-going dead stuffed animal project but it turned out to be more difficult than i expected to buy pillow stuffing in my neighborhood. apparently some crazy woman went through all the mission district fabric shops yesterday and bought every bag they had of stuffing. i’m serious. the fabric store employees seemed just as confused about this as i was. i was about to dejectedly skateboard home when i remembered that mission street is the king street of thrift stores. so i went into one and bought a couple ugly cheap pillows. so everything turned out okay. i came back to my apartment, set up my computer at the perfect grey’s anatomy/disturbing “artwork” position and spent the rest of the day ripping open pillows and making these:

there are still a couple things i need to do (you know, exit wounds and stuff) but these ones are pretty much done. someday when pete and i are selling our shirts, i think i’ll sell my stuffed animals too. i wonder if anyone would buy dead stuffed animals. maybe the one that died from bee stings. that one looks sort of cute with all the little bee buttons.


speaking of weird animals-type things: my old girl scout camp friend crazy crow sent me this picture of me as the corvallis high school mascot the spartan gorilla:

i was really good at the job of mascot and i still think it is a tragedy that they decided to go to a more traditional, less primate, spartan mascot at chs. i can’t say i am surprised though. a girl in a gorilla costume is hard for most people to deal with.