knock yourself out

sunday is giving me trouble. i can’t think of what it is i am supposed to be doing. i found whole foods today on my bike and spent at least an hour wandering around, looking at various varieties of olive oil and pretending over and over again to be surprised by the location of the sharp cheddar samples. finally i bought some clams and the ingredients to make my very favorite food: spaghetti with clams. i just spelled spaghetti right on the first try. that is truly amazing.

then i rode my bike home and killed an hour or so with making my fancy fancy lunch. it occurred to me that i NEVER cook for other people. i mean, occasionally other people eat something i made but that is just lucky for them that i had extra. i guess i used to give food to mikey sometimes. today is mikey’s birthday and i am feeling strangely nostalgic for him. mikey is my little brother. he’s 23 which is a pretty lame age. sorry man.

after lunch i had to stop watching tv because my roommates came home and i can’t handle their judgemental stares when i watch e! countdown the top 101 best kept hollywood secrets. plus it’s football day and i have very strongly different feelings about watching football on tv than one of my roommates. as in it is her very favorite program ever.

so i came into my room and made my bed. which took only a couple seconds. which i could have predicted. then i sorted my fabric scraps. then i cut out shapes for stuffed animals. since nothing else had come up, no phone calls or earthquakes, i then proceeded to re-watch episodes of grey’s anatomy on the internet while sewing animals.

i’m seriously worried these days because i am more concerned about dr. alex karev’s future (will he choose obstetrics or plastics?) than i am about my own which is a lot less certain and a lot less fictional.

maybe i should become a doctor.

you know, i love garlic but i think i am eating too much of it. even my forearms smell like garlic.

i could never be a doctor. my patients would get freaked out by the constant smell of garlic.

what’s weird about sunday and what i can’t get the hang of is: i am so bored, i spent the whole day killing time. but i still don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

whatever. things could obviously be worse.