what's wrong with america

it’s midnight plus 10 so this counts as tomorrow’s post: i should start by saying i was already mad at my roommate because he commandeered the tv, saying something about it being his turn which i don’t think quite works when NO TURNS HAVE EVER BEEN DISCUSSED AND YOU’VE BEEN IN YOUR ROOM FOR TWO HOURS (like hey dude, it’s my turn to use your computer because you’ve been using it for three years and i’ve never used it ever), right in the middle of studio 60 on the sunset strip which i am trying to get into so i have something to look forward to on monday nights. and then accused me of not liking politics.

so i left the room (as a person should when they feel like screaming at someone with a history of violence who doesn’t seem to be letting himself be kicked out of their apartment) and went for an angry walk around a couple of blocks and when i came back i decided that i wasn’t going to let my feelings get in the way of watching the daily show, especially not tonight with the whole meth/prostitute/evangelical scandal.

so i returned to the scene of the original battle, the living room, and tried to be civil.

but after a line about rumsfield on the colbert report, i was treated with a glimpse of everything that is wrong with the democratic party and by extension, this country.

“i don’t know why everyone is so concerned with firing rumsfield,” said r.m. “i mean, it’s just detracting attention from the real problem. what has rumsfield done wrong? he is just following orders.”

“following orders?” i said,”i think you are confused. iraq is a mess and kids are dying and i think that falls pretty squarely on his shoulders.”

“no, that’s bush’s fault,” he said, “this is bush’s war.”

“but bush isn’t a military guy,” i tried to tell him, “he isn’t the guy with the strategy.”

this was too complicated an idea for the roommate, especially after some wine, so he moved on: “but if we focus our attention on rumsfield, it will take attention away from the real problem which is bush.”

“i don’t think people are losing sight of that fact that bush is a problem,” i said, “there is a proposition on our ballot saying that san francisco supports the impeachment of bush and cheney. i think that is the opposite of forgetting about the problem. but it is less realistic to assume we can actually get bush and cheney out in the next 2 years than it is to think we can get rumsfield fired. at least at this specific moment.”

“but you only get a limited number of chances for change,” said r.m. “if we get rumsfield than the republicans will say that they compromised with us on this and they won’t do anything else.”

“i completely disagree with you,” i said. at this point my voice was rising. remember, i was already in a bad mood and sometimes i like to fight and also, i am tired.

“look at bush,” i said, “first he nominated an extremely right wing supreme court justice and that justice got in. did the democrats then say, oh we let him have that now we are going to get tough? NO! then they let him appoint a maybe even MORE conservative judge. strength just gets you more strength. the democrats need to take power and stop waiting around for the right time to do something. the republicans impeached clinton for crying out loud and now the democrats are just kind of hanging out politely waiting for something to fall into their laps and then actually actively brushing the things that do OUT OF THEIR LAPS because it would just be unseemly to make a big deal out of them!” (okay it wasn’t exactly like that, but sort of.)

“rumsfield doesn’t have anything to do with the war,” mumbled my roommate.

i just looked at him, decided it was hopeless and went to brush my teeth.

there are educated white men in this world that shove people over electricity use and can’t connect donald rumsfield, the defense secretary, with the current problems in iraq.

also, we are going to hang our old pal, saddam hussein.

and a known drug abuser and unwanted breast fondler who barely speaks english is going to renew his governership of my new state.

can someone explain to me why i shouldn’t go into some sort of dissociative coma immediately?

goodnight again.

things might be worse tomorrow.