mmmbop is still the perfect song

[this is my cousin’s new baby in a hat made by my mom. this picture is ALMOST as good as pop music.]

i can’t stop listening to the hanson song “mmmbop.” sure there are songs with better lyrics (okay almost every song has better lyrics [except, of course. songs sung by fergie]) but there is something so charming about those preteen voices squeaking about LIFE, and that bouncy music makes me feel like screaming. in a good way.

if you haven’t heard the song in awhile, i’d download it. it’s aging well.

for example: MMMBOP dew we down down DOOWOP doowee down da DOO WAYAH YAH

i think you know what i’m talking about

if i could pick anything to worry about i would pick being worried that my personal helicopter would get me to port angeles, wa before my parents finished cooking something delicious for dinner. or i would be worried that my novel would sell-out world wide and people who really wanted to read it would have to wait a couple months to get copies.

sadly i don’t get to pick.

instead i am worried:

that it is irresponsible to use financial aid to go to the east coast in january.

that i am one of those crazy people who talk to themselves on the bus but an elaborate scheme has been worked out by my parents to ensure no one makes fun of me and i don’t ever realize that i am in fact a crazy person.

that i will never ever figure out what i want to do with my life.

that i will never ever be able to get a real job because i hate people who think they are the boss of me.

that i won’t get into the book arts class next semester and that the depression caused by the destruction of my book arts dream will put me on a downward spiral that ends in crack cocaine and a gutter in the tenderloin.

that i spend too much time staring at my computer screen and it is giving me brain and eye damage.

that the election of democrat leaders is just anesthetic for the next two years until the ice caps melt and the internet is gone forever. i mean, you can get drunk or stay sober before the oxygen in the submarine runs out, but either way you die.

so that’s why i listen to “mmmbop.” it makes me want to scream. but in a good way.