i figured out what i want to be when i grow-up: self-righteously serene.

today in berkley i saw two of the still-living beat poets, diane diprima and michael mcclure, who i also saw a couple weeks ago here in san francisco. last time they were reading about buddhism and this time they read about their youth. which is funny because they have the same tone when they discuss both topics which is: i am so much better than you.

peyote and meditation are the same great thing. as long as beat poets are doing them.

i can’t wait until it’s 45 years from now and i can tell a crowd of comfortable middle class white old people about the stupid things i am doing now and act like they were the right things to be doing.

if i’m alive. because most of the beat poets didn’t survive.

i like berkley.

i also like carne asada tacos. a lot.