aural surgery disasters

today i took the muni from school to the castro and then the bus from the castro to the mission. sometimes i do this on my way back from school because i have time and it’s visually nicer and it gets me closer to home.

on the bus i sat in the back where the seats face each other. there were two girls next to me eating pizza and then another girl sat in the seat facing mine and she had a taco. i was starving and feeling a little ill from all the chocolate chips i had eaten with my breakfast and then lunch (which seemed like a good idea at the time but it turns out, wasn’t) so the food elicited some serious salivation from me and i started talking to the girls.

the girl across from me was really nice. she told me how the taco only cost $1.50 even with sour cream and avocado (which is cheap) and she wasn’t sure if they gave it to her for that because she was mexican or what. then some how i brought up oregon and she told me she got married in tigard and she hated eugene. she also showed me her shoes which her sister gave her and told me about her job at safeway and told me how she was going to kill her husband because he kept getting high while she was working.

i know this isn’t very interesting at all but the thing was, she seemed like a pretty normal girl, and she was only 21. but then she told me that she is in recovery (she didn’t say what for) and she is homeless. she told me how she sleeps in the safeway parking garage and she always showers and keeps her clothes clean. and then she got off the bus.

it was a weird interaction because it was so normal. not like i haven’t talked to homeless people before but there was nothing humiliated about this girl at all. as she was stepping out of the bus she said,”you know, just got a make that first million.”

i don’t know what to make of this. i almost want to find her at her work and be like, “wait wait wait, what is going on here. i want more of this story.” she didn’t want anything from me; she had no reason to lie. and she seemed COMPLETELY together. she looked less homeless than i do but when she said she was homeless i believed her 100%.

it’s crazy all the ways there are to be alive and how most of them seem completely impossible to me.

i need to find this girl again. i bet i could steal one hundred of her stories for fiction class.

anyway, right about when i was thinking these things, the two other girls with the pizza who were pretty stereotypical looking latina girls with tons of make-up and big earrings and white cell phones, started making out.

which just goes to show you. what, i don’t know. but i’m sure it goes to show you something.