have you heard the good news?

there are a lot of things to get down about in this crazy world. global warming (ask my roommate why this is depressing), the fact that i still have the same skin problems i’ve had since 9th grade, the break-up of ryan phillipe and reese witherspoon, nicole richie’s stomach stapling fiasco, the weather. but today the good things out number the bad things. see?

1: I’M GOING TO MEXICO!!!! thanks to some awesome work by my mom and her frequent flier miles, i get to go to mexico in january and visit my friends jade and kelly. i’ve never been to mexico either.

2: even though i don’t get to go to new york city, i still get to see my old roommate and favorite lc pioneer, holly, BECAUSE SHE IS COMING TO SAN FRANCISCO TO VISIT ME!!!

3: pete used his wily charms to get tuff town tshirts put in at a store in bend. do you live in bend? then buy a tuff town tshirt at a store called rescue and help pete and me get closer to our goal of hollow richness.

4: i made spaghetti for dinner and then my roommate traded me some for a glass of wine. which was perfect because i made way too much spaghetti and now i have a glass of wine.

5: in two days i am going north and then norther and then even norther.

so as you can see things are about to get horrible for me. but i’m hoping they don’t get horrible until after january 28th because that’s my dad’s birthday and by that time i will have gotten into the one class i want to get in to which is book arts which is going to blow my mind.

does anyone out there who has read king lear think edmund is the most sympathetic character in the play? i said this in my shakespeare class today and my teacher said he needed to talk to my mom. he might have been joking or he might have been underhandedly referring to the fact that it is a class of 143 and i make 75% of the comments and he is really concerned that any mother could have raised someone so irritating. but seriously, i like edmund. am i alone on this?