buy your gun at a gun show

i was planning on writing something tonight about how sick i am of hearing elderly people in my family criticize the way i look and how it’s been going on far too long (since i was 6) and i think it is time they realize i actually dress this way on purpose and it isn’t because i am lazy or i missed the seminar on grooming and color coordination.

but then i found out two things that happened in san francisco since i’ve been gone that i feel like are more interesting reading.

1: last week a 29 year old guy who lives across the street from me was stabbed to death at his house. he lived like EXACTLY across the street from me. i’m sure i saw him all the time. now he’s dead. not only sad but very seriously scary. violent crime on my street. maybe i should buy a gun.

2: probably i shouldn’t even put this in the same post as a death, seeing as it’s funny. but. when i first got here i went with my roommate to a party for a lesbian magazine which she does design for. in this month’s issue i am pictured in the “scene” section, uncomfortably holding some drink and laughing. it names me by name and everything. sweet. it is my second appearance in a national magazine though the first was a south african magazine and i was wasted and no less uncomfortable and 16 and under the picture it said my name was “lizzy khesa” which is, in fact, an african last name belonging to my host sisters. they weren’t hating me yet. anyway, in case you see the magazine curve somewhere and you pick it up and see my picture and then start questioning my sexuality, i want to take this opportunity to come out to everyone. you know, before the rumors start. i’m straight.

otherwise i am considering my second trip to the taco truck for dinner. i do love tacos. but not in any sort of dirty way because i’m totally straight, okay? geeze.

also, if you are looking for the website of someone totally awesome who is about to blow-up and be more famous than MADONNA, check this and tell all your friends. i’m just saying. this kid’s future is so bright he’s getting sunglasses lasiked into his eyeballs.

yah, i’m jealous too.