have you heard the REALLY good news?

i was holding back on posting this because i wasn’t sure if it was legal to post yet but since i saw it on myspace i figure the world can now know the AWESOME AWESOME news, which is: my super talented and strangely humble friend brian just had the movie he has been working on for what seems like his entire life accepted to the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL!!!!!!

he’s now even further along on the road to superstar. the movie is called hear and now and i saw a little bit of it a couple years ago and i can attest to the fact that it is awesome and is going to kick the ass of every other documentary in the festival. maybe even every other movie of ANY genre. if you are in utah in january, you should go see it and if you know anyone who decides the winners of things like sundance, write to them and threaten them with physical harm if they don’t make the right choice.

here is brian:

get ready to worship him.