absolutely no discernable moral

because of my recent decision that kate winslet is my #1 favorite actress of all time, i decided to get her first movie heavenly creatures, on netflix. how did i miss this movie? maybe because it came out in 1994 when i was only 12 and not yet allowed to see r rated films about creative and emotional teenagers who murdered mothers. which was probably for the best really seeing as i was already neurotic enough and the idea that i could possibly kill my mother would have sent me over the edge.

but this movie is first of all VERY disturbing and VERY amazingly awesome and based on a true story. and i would say more about the movie if i hadn’t discovered this on wikipedia: so these 2 15 year old girls brutally murdered one of the girl’s mothers. they were put in jail for 5 years. they are now both in their 60’s and both living in scotland under assumed names (names published on wikipedia, actually) as devoutly religious people (one is a mormon and the other is catholic) who are never allowed to see each other again. BUT HERE’S THE THING. one of the girls grew up and became a crime writer. she writes all kinds of books with the word “murder” in the title. she also writes fantasy books and books about being a mormon. and it was only after the movie came out that anyone knew her real identity.


sometimes when i think i have a handle on how this planet works, i find out a notorious teenage murderer is writing widely published murder mysteries.


watch the movie. peter jackson directed it and it destroys those elf movies.

also it made me really glad i made it through being an unhinged melodramatic teenager without physically harming anyone. though it could have given me some great material for future genre fiction, apparently.

i need to stop watching movies like this so late at night. it’s the wrong hour to know if it is really as weird as i think it is that this woman is a mystery writer or if my personalization of the story is disturbing in any way. i love my mom, okay?

yah, it’s obviously bedtime.