manifested sloth

sometimes i do really complicated things to avoid doing something i don’t want to do even if the thing i don’t want to do would probably take a very tiny percentage of the time and energy that i use in my complicated not-doing-it.

what i am saying is, the other night i drank two glasses of wine, wrote my cousin a long email, published an embarassing manifesto on my blog and then decided to revise a story for my fiction class by putting the whole thing online. because i can’t actually build websites, i used blogger. the whole thing is strange, especially now that it is illustrated with non-sequitur scotland pictures from my computer. i like the idea of pictures that don’t make too much literal sense but i need more and i need different ones. (i need a digital camera.)

anyway, i’m not sure if my teacher will buy it as a revision even though it was actually her comment (“hey i could totally see this on the internet with like hyperlinks and stuff”) that led to PUTTING IT ON THE INTERNET WITH LIKE HYPERLINKS AND STUFF. sometimes teachers really think you are genius when you take their assignments in a completely different way than they intended. i got an ‘a’ last time i turned in this story (an earlier version, okay?) “revised” with the exact same text just with pictures i had drawn and in a book i made using indesign and japanese binding. [which was, by the way, totally awesome and totally time consuming. i got an ‘a’ but the teacher promised to send it back to me and then never did and started not responding to my emails. that was a year and a half ago. his name is jerry harp. if you see him, ask him about my book.] of course, some teachers just think you are being impertinent.

which might be the case for me, this time.

though the bigger question is, why do i do such weird and time consumming things to avoid rewrites when the rewrites themselves would probably take me an hour at the most?

i hate rewrites, that’s why. and also i have some sort of mental problem which is currently undiagnosed.

anyway, all this is leading up to: if you are bored at work, read my choose-your-own-adventure. it’s still in progress and really i want to add music– does anyone know how to add music?– and more pictures and actually, more content, too. here it is: THE BEE-EYED GIRL.

let me know what you think. unless you hate it and think it totally sucks and then you can go tell someone else.