i wish i were cooler

yesterday i drew this picture. i know. i am like the best artist ever. also i went to school. also i went to berkeley to meet up with a friend of mine from uw named kevin. there were a lot of extra cool guys at uw that i hung out with and kevin was one of them. i used to spend a lot of time in his door room.

anyway, last night was the first time i think i really spent time with just him alone. it turns out: he’s even awesomer than i remember. sadly the excitement of talking to someone in person that i actually like talking to caused me to keep ordering beers when i probably should have stopped. though luckily for me the waitress was on it and actually removed my last drink from the table. luckily for me if i love shame and acting like an idiot in front of such good friend material.

for some reason i can’t stop being a tool in front of people who i want to like me.

oh well. hopefully someday i will grow-up a little bit.

not today though. today i feel too ill to stand-up.

oh well.