talking shit about pretty sunsets and the NICEST warm days

TODAY is thankfully not yesterday. today i reversed my position on sucking at life and instead attended both of my classes for their full length AND went in to work when i probably didn’t need to. also i didn’t make any, or i made less than 2, snide remarks in my shakespeare class.

[and the 1 was necessary because my whole class was getting behind the idea that it is a GREAT idea to lie to you parents so they believe in fate and god just so their last few moments of life will be somewhat pleasant. that’s just sad. especially in an english class at a public institution. if this was george fox and it was end of life ministery class then i might understand.]

after work i went and saw casino royale with my friend christine from lewis & clark. before the movie we played an arcade game where we were driving snowmobiles and i was a gorilla. that was pretty great. the movie itself wasn’t so great but daniel craig is a lot less irritating as james bond than pierce brosnan was and there is one very clever torture scene when he is completely naked and i respect any movie that makes torture sexy.

anyway, i have pretty much vowed to finish my printmaking portfolio, fix up my story and read king lear again this weekend. i am also going to clean up my room and turn into a better person. it should be fabulous.

also, i think because god wills me to be better or something, i got a check in the mail today for $51 which is apparently 15% of the plane ticket i bought to bend in september. i signed up for this rebate thing and then immediately freaked out and canceled it. i figured i wouldn’t get the money especially since i accidentally put down that i lived in portland, california. but i did. and i am putting the money directly in the bank before it causes any trouble.

shit, what if this is the beginning of some sort of devil’s advocate scenario where i accept the money and then get more and more money i don’t actually deserve and start to like my wealth until everything goes terribly wrong and i almost lose my wife and family?

damn i didn’t think of that.

i guess it’s lucky i don’t believe in god.