something pretty in a jar flies

today i fixed up my portfolio for printmaking. most of it is crazy, ugly, weird prints of my feet. that’s what those pictures are of (see up there?). i also wrote a response to the class about how much i loved being able to make ugly things and not worry that people were going to think i was sucky at printmaking because everyone already realized that i was sucky at printmaking. i made it sound nicer and i didn’t use “sucky” but this is my new favorite idea about art. it’s like, if you think you are bad or you have no expectations and aren’t worried about making something great or perfect, it is easier to create honest art. it’s easier to take risks because you are already pretty sure you are going to fail so who cares how bad you fail? which is maybe why i am currently more into visual art than fiction writing.

also maybe because i got into the book arts class and i am so excited and i want to start making books, probably if i am at all lucky, ugly books, immediately. and because by the time i registered for classes both fiction workshops i wanted were already full. i mean come on. how can i graduate when the class i am required to take over and over again is always full? i did manage to get into a play writing workshop. which i may get kicked out of but which could be cool if i don’t and also a graduate english class on raymond carver.

so i’m pretty empty of interesting things to say today. but i’m a little bit excited. AND ALSO i put all new pictures which i drew all by myself and with the help of stencil letters, on my bee-eyed girl blog. my teacher said it counted as a rewrite. which is sweet. and that’s pretty much all i have.