band of brothers

[my cousin made this. if you use it as your myspace picture i will kiss you on the lips next time i see you.]

[or not if you don’t want me to.]

so i am employing a new shakespeare studying technique: all day i have been listening to the masterpiece theater version of king lear over and over again. i’m on at least time three. i think i learn best while listening and playing tetris-like games on the internet. i also need to study henry v but the movie isn’t available on netflix, and itunes doesn’t have the audio. so instead i downloaded the st. crispin’s day speech as preformed by kenneth branagh and have listened to it about 15 times. the third important thing i am doing to prepare for my multiple choice shakespeare final on thursday is listening to my shakespeare playlist. right now i’m on dire straights’ “romeo and juliet.” next is “love fool.” it’s really helping me understand shakespeare the man.

if you are a teacher, feel free to share these study techniques with your students.

also, if you are leading a poor and hungry group of soldiers into battle, i really recommend the st. crispin’s day speech. every time i listen to it, i look around for a french guy to charge through with my biggest sword.