my dog is a plumber

apparently the 70’s were a rough time. i know this because i just watched the movie jonestown: the life and death of peoples temple, a documentary about the socialist-christian cult that ended in the “suicide” of 909 people in 1978 in guyana.

i was born in 1982 so i missed the 70’s. but i did spend my formative years listening to free to be… you and me (a children’s program from the 70’s) so i was always confused by how the 70’s could have been a time when people were so full of utopian ideas (a land where you and me are free to be you and me, michael jackson can be tall or not tall when he grows up, dogs can play with stoves and be boys, real live boys can have dolls, parents are people, house work sucks but we do it anyway) that seem so subversive now. was it just that children’s musicals were couple years behind the popular movements of the 60’s? were the people on the production team dropping acid? was it how michael jackson really turned out that ruined everything? was it bad television shows that made people forget about equality? now i have another one: did the jonestown massacre turn people off unity and brightly colored handkerchiefs as headbands?

i’m going to answer that: no.

honestly, i don’t know anything about the 60’s or the 70’s or even the 80’s. i can make guesses about why the general mood of the country became more conservative over that period of time (we weren’t at war anymore? we figured we solved everything? aids? ronald reagan?) but the thing is, no matter how starry-eyed people were or weren’t in the 60’s or how disillusioned and hopeless people were or weren’t in the 70’s or 80’s, the main problem in pretty much every decade is the dogmas people keep getting themselves caught up in.

what i mean is: isn’t an uncritical acceptance of free love just as bad as an uncritical acceptance of god hates the gays which is just as dangerous as an uncritical acceptance of in style: wedding issue?

or i guess: buddhists, mennonites, the secret service, catholics, mormons, costco card-holders, nazis and teenage girls who shop at forever 21 scare me equally.

or: i can’t believed people haven’t learned their lesson about people who claim to be god yet.

([imagine a footnote after “people who claim to be god.” it is a 1.]

1: including the tacit claim. see paris hilton or zach braff or the newer movie called crash.

[imagine a footnote after “crash.” it is a 2.]

2: i know i’m stretching with the crash thing but that movie seriously sucks.)

at some point most belief systems start to crack up. and then?

at the best, you end up very seriously depressed.

at the worst, you and 908 of your friends end up very seriously dead.