jimmy carter: an american hero?

[i’m really into the colon/question mark thing lately. i think in colon/question marks. seriously. i do.]

i feel so informed these days, what with all my free time and all those pages the new york times keeps printing. today, my last real day of my first semester as a graduate student (no matter what happens now i can always fill in the “some post graduate study” bubble on standardized forms), i was interested to read that jimmy carter is being called an anti-semite for equating israel’s treatment of the palestinians to apartheid.

i’ve been confused for awhile about the blind approval that goes around in this country for israel no matter how many palestinian or lebanese daycares they bomb. is it because of the holocaust? is it because so many of them are americans? is it because THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS? is it because their spokesperson is attractive and speaks english? is it because we hate muslims?

am i missing something?

because it seems to me that being the victims of genocide does not equal okay, you can commit genocide now.

if pointing out obvious human rights violations means you are “anti-semitic” than “anti-semitic” must mean something different than i thought it meant. is israel so much like a little usa that they are using our same tactics to squash dissenters (you know: you aren’t pro-war? you must be UN-AMERICAN!)?

so, it looks like with all the holocaust deniers’ conferences and critics of israel’s policies getting called racists going on, SOLUTIONS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

i’m canceling my subscription to the paper. it’s much easier to stomach the news when it is late at night and comedy.

otherwise, i think i may be suffering from extreme paranoia because i SWEAR one of the questions on the shakespeare final was directed specifically at me: “does shakespeare, in the text of this play, endorse edmund’s view of nature as the right one? yes or no?”

this was a multiple choice scantron test, perfect for really getting at the nuances of shakespeare, so i was unable to write any sort of haughty response to my teacher.

well, oh well.

you should read jessie’s response to my “my dog is a plumber” post.

that’s all i have for now.